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Top 5 Survival Gear

Top 5 Survival Gear

Determining what qualifies in the top 5-survival gear list, we must first be able to cover the most important keys to survival: water, warmth, shelter, communication, and food. When in the deep wilderness and in a survival situation, these are the five areas to be sure to cover. Also, the human body in many cases has proven itself to be much more bold and dynamic then most people believe. If you are faced with a survival situation, remember to be confident and innovative, as there is little room for error in this state. As important as it is to be physically prepared, great mental focus will be required to survive a sticky situation. So please, remember this list and do not venture the wilderness without these items.
Heavy-duty Hunting Knife
1. Heavy-duty Hunting Knife
In at our top spot we have the classic hunting knife. Do not be intimidated by the price of a high quality blade. Having a strong durable knife is very important, as it can be used to baton firewood, hunt wildlife, and even help create fire using the bow method. Survival means that we are to continue living in spite of difficult and seemingly impossible circumstances. A knife will really propel ones confidence in surviving; confidence is crucial when undergoing a mentally challenging ordeal.
Water Bottle
2. Water Bottle
Water is the single most important element for human survival. On average, without water, our bodies could shutdown in as little as 3 hours in a harsh environment. If that is not worrisome enough, on average, the human body can only survive 3 days in a normal environment without water. To be sure, we suggest a stainless steel water bottle because it offers the versatility to heat and store water at the same time. Boiling clean water will be necessary for survival.
3. Tarp/Shelter
When caught in a survival situation, shelter should be the first thing we seek. If there is none available, then we must be innovative when creating accommodation. A large tarp can be used to create a covering that will protect us from unwanted pests and savage climates. Not only this, shelter can be seen from a distance and in turn, will bring more people to your base. If this is not a doomsday situation, this may be ideal since the people could be searchers, other adventurers who are lost, or someone who can just lend a helping hand. Also, make sure to keep rope packed with this survival tarp. Rope is very important and unfortunately we could not fit it in our top 5 list. Therefore, we highly suggest packing rope with your tarp, as it will not only help hold your tarp up, but can be used to create a fire with your knife and a makeshift spindle.
Space Blanket
4. Space Blanket/Mylar Blanket
Also known as the first-aid blanket, the space blanket mitigates heat loss from the human body. Never underestimate the cold weather and how quickly one can enter hypothermia. This will serve as a great lightweight blanket that can easily be transported from site to site. In addition, the material is extremely reflective, thus acting like a personal beacon for people to see.
Personal Locator Beam
5. Personal Locator Beam or Cell Phone
There are several Personal Locator Beam (PLB) devices on the market depending on what suits your best interests. For a basic and simple PLB, we would like to suggest the small and light ACR ResQlink. Simply give a clear view to the sky and push the S.O.S. button. When the link is activated, your location is sent out to two separate global satellite systems. Then, your location is sent to the rescue coordination center. There are other devices on the market with more features, but ultimately we really only care if the device is reliable and functional.