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5 Reasons Not to Go Camping

5 Reasons Not to Go Camping

Camping can be a great outdoor experience for all your friends and family. In contrast, this may be the opposite case for you. If you are one who simply does not care for camping at all or want some reasons to skip out on the next wilderness endeavor, look no further. We got you covered on the top reasons to avoid going camping.
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1. Vacation Destination?
For many people, going to the middle of nowhere where the sand is white, water is clear, food and liquor are all-inclusive, and your bed is made for you everyday. Well, camping is the complete opposite of that. The dirt is more prevalent, water may not always be readily available, by no means is food and liquor all-inclusive, and what bed? If you are not fond of outdoor activities, this will most definitely not be your kind of vacation.
Nasty Bugs
2. Unfriendly Wildlife Including Nasty Bugs
One major concern for campers is unintentionally attracting wildlife, especially the big ones. If you do not mind seeing the occasional bear, coyote, or deer, then this aspect will not affect you too much. On the other hand, this also means that you will be vulnerable to other creatures coming to say hello. Imagine you are in your tent, minding your own business. Then, you realize that you are not alone in your sleeping bag. There could be a snake, large spider(s), or even a tarantula sharing your blanket. If you are not prepared or do not want to take the risk of this kind of encounter, then camping might not be for you.
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3. Getting Dirty is Unavoidable
Keeping clean and hygienic is a natural part of our everyday lives. When we go camping, this is not the case however. Often, we have to persevere for long hours, even days before we get the chance to shower. On the other hand, some campsites do offer showers with hot water. This does not mean you will not get dirty though; your campsite will likely be completely surrounded by dirt for a few miles. Also, in the hotter seasons out in the wilderness, sweating will be uncontrollable and coming back to your tent all sticky is very common. If you do not want to get dirty or are scared of germs, beware of camping.

4. Humid Uncomfortable Mornings
If you have yet to go camping, then you have not experienced what it is like to wake up in a crowded tent a lot earlier than you intended. The insulation in most tents is sufficient to alleviate this problem, but this is not always the case especially in an overcrowded tent. Although in the daytime the heat may seem unbearable, in the early morning the temperature will drop significantly. If it doesn’t, the opposite will happen where your tent will resemble a greenhouse. All the moisture from your breathing and sweat will be trapped inside the tent, regardless if the climate is cold or hot. This is not everyone’s cup of tea and is probably one of the most hated parts of camping.
5. Eating Like a Drifter
In regards to eating and camping, it is seldom that we have nutritious gourmet meals. For the most part, we end up living off of hotdogs, beans, and if you are lucky hamburgers three times a day. Packing only what is essential is the strategy when camping, therefore it generally is not wise to pack all your kitchenware and ingredients. Eating lavishly is unheard of while camping, so if you are looking to feast like at a buffet, you are greatly mistaken.