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Top 5 Camping Clothing Essentials

Top 5 Camping Clothing Essentials

Preparing for your camping adventure can be easy, so long as you have done your research and made a plan. On the contrary, we often find ourselves over packing in fear of being under prepared. For the most part, camping involves a lot of hiking and getting dirty. Rather than lugging around twice the amount of clothes that you need, we have put together a list that highlights the most essential clothing you should have when camping.
Rain Jackets
1. Rain Jacket
For those who have never owned a good quality rain jacket, the importance of this coat may feel very underestimated. It is important when choosing a rain jacket to ensure that it is waterproof and breathable. When camping, nature can change the setting in a heartbeat. One second you might be starting a fire as the sun is setting, the next you may be scrambling to avoid having your belongings water damaged from the rain. Thankfully, for those who are equipped with a good rain jacket, this will help bring calmness to the storm.
Pants and Shorts
2. Pants and Shorts (Convertibles)
This seems like a rather obvious choice, but one would be surprised of how many people only pack either shorts or pants, when in reality you really should have both. On a hot sunny day, it is important to stay hydrated and cool. If you have only packed a pair of your favorite jeans, then prepare for hours of chafing and awkward hiking. Vice versa, if you have only packed a pair of shorts for your camping trip, then I hope you have an ample supply of bug repellant and sunscreen. In addition, cold nights will be brutal in shorts. The best alternative to solve both problems is to have convertible pants that can become shorts. I am pretty sure everyone has worn these fashionable pants sometime in their life and if not, then enjoy having the best of both worlds.
COmpression Gear
3. Compression Gear
At number 3 we suggest compression gear due to its ability to provide more support and better circulation. Remember when camping, it is important to be efficient with your energy. In addition, this type of clothing tends to retain heat better, while being breathable enough to evaporate sweat. A long-sleeve compression would be ideal to sleep in. The materials ability to keep you cool, while maintaining your bodies heat is beneficial to any camp setting.
HIgh Socks
4. High Socks
One of the most undervalued items to your camping wardrobe is the high sock. Pesky bugs will try and drain you of all the nutrients in your blood. When the climate is hot out, your body heat rises and ultimately, that is what mosquitos and other bloodsuckers aim for. Not only will you get some unforgiving bug bites on your ankles without your high socks, but you will also be easily subjected to other foreign organisms touching your ankles and calves. Imagine running through the forest and having to walk through a field of green plants. Little did you know, the plants were actually poisonous and have been rubbing on your legs the whole walk! Well, that is one of the many reasons why we must emphasize the importance of high socks.
Hiking Boots
5. Good Hiking Boots or Comfortable Runners
Several frequent-going campers will agree that a good pair of hiking boots really extenuates the whole camping experience. On the other hand, this is not to say a solid pair of runners won’t do the trick, but having shoes where water or mud can enter is rather uncomfortable and hard to clean. When in the backwoods, the terrain is much more rugged and flatfooted shoes will prove inferior. It is important to wear shoes that support the arches in your feet, the less foot pain you have, the more enjoyable the experience.