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5 Reasons You Should Camp Solo

5 Reasons You Should Camp Solo

The human body surprises the world on a daily basis, as we conquer seemingly unbeatable odds. Similarly, camping alone in the wilderness is not a norm for society and we tend to completely nullify that idea. On the other hand, if you have ever camped alone before, you will understand how rewarding the journey is.
Self Sufficiency
1. Self-Sufficiency
One of the biggest things that solo camping will help us achieve is self-sufficiency. Sometimes when we go camping, there will be that one friend that just knows how to do everything. Wouldn’t you want to be that one friend? Well, when you camp alone, there really is no other option. The responsibilities for your own survival and comfort are on you. From the fire to your tent, they will all be a construct from your own two hands. Hey, if you can survive in the middle of a forest alone, then you now know that you really can survive anywhere else in the world.
Confidence Boost
2. Confidence Boost
What is greater than passing by a milestone or overcoming something that you didn’t initially think you could? Let’s say you engage yourself onto a long hike, but then you realize at the midway marker that maybe it won’t be possible to finish the trail. Suddenly, although dead silent in the forest, a little voice in your head tells you to keep going and that you can do it. Sure enough, you find yourself at the end of your new accomplishment because your mind was strong. This will bring us to a new level of enlightenment with our confidence.
Peace and Quiet
3. Peace and Quiet
Have you ever camped with a group of your friends that sometimes can get a bit annoying, especially at night? Fear this problem no more, when you are alone it is surprising how quiet the outdoors can be. There will no longer be someone complaining about the hot sun and mosquitoes, nor will there be anyone’s snoring to disturb your sleep. The only noises that will be heard are your own voice/breath and neighboring wildlife. If you truly seek quiet moments to yourself, then please get out there solo.
A young woman sitting in the tent with naked back, looking at the mountain landscape in winter
4. Be Yourself
Whenever we share a space with someone there are insecurities that we must protect and hide for some reason. For some people, it may be the fact that showering is not as abundant while camping. Needless to say, we all have things that we have every right to keep to ourselves, but when we go camping solo there really is little need to worry about our insecurities. This might actually help some of us overcome these self-seeming flaws. Be yourself and do not ever feel ashamed because Mother Nature is not cruel in that sense.

5. You Dictate the Pace and Activities
If we go with a group of people camping, we often tailor to one another’s abilities and desires. This is the right thing to do as everyone has different capabilities, but on the flipside, we have to also be fair to ourselves sometimes. Ever go on a hike with that one super athletic friend that pushes the pace beyond your capabilities and maybe takes a jab you for taking so long? Well that problem is absent in solo camping. Go at your own pace and enjoy every moment of it. If you want to stop and take a few pictures, do it because you dictate the pace now. Similarly, if you do not enjoy hiking at all, then do not feel obligated to do it just because there are trails. Do what you want and learn to appreciate and respect you.